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We have been using AutoMedXP in our own billing service since 2002 posting millions of dollars of insurance payments over the years. Released as a companion posting program for Medisoft in 2004 AutoMedXP quickly became a must have item for practices nationwide. For 2012 AutoMedXP was new from the ground up. AutoMedXP connects to your Medisoft v17 and up  data to post ANY 835 file you choose, just as if you had posted the payments yourself - only without the repetition.  AutoMedXP creates the Deposit and associates the posting of the payments to the deposit just like a manual entry does The process is very simple and very fast. In some instances you can’t     

Your Golden Ticket to Automatic EOB

Posting is right here!


Medisoft Companion Posting Software
$799.00 single license $499.00*

LIMITED TIME OFFER $399.00* single license  Code ‘LaborDay’

*Ends October 20, 2012. Remote install only. Must mention savings code.

 with full support**
  Download Now

Worried about a monthly Fee? Why? THERE ISN’T ONE!

Your purchase of AutoMedXP includes one full year of Program updates.

Take a Tour

AutoMedXP Screen

ConstructionCones Our tour is not quite ready. We will have it finished soon Remember though, the 20-day demo is FREE. We can set you up remotely and let you enjoy 20 days of automatic posting with full support for FREE. ConstructionCones

even open Medisoft and create the deposit as fast as AutoMedXP can complete the entire posting!   What are you waiting for?  The entire demonstration period includes full support. Support for install. Support for posting. Support for technical issues. Support  for reports.  Support  for  alert claims. Support for FREE.   Download and install the program to get started. We will even connect to your system and do the install for you if you choose.  Even  that  is  free.... Just give us a call. (205)755-1010x300. Ask  for  the  free  demo of  AutoMedXP  for Medisoft v17 with  Full Support and Install.

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Excerpts from real users of AutoMedXP.

“Now I can focus on fixing problem claims instead of just posting payments.”

“Why didn’t I already know about this?? This is fantastic.”

“I just wish all our payments were automatic. That is a real time saver.”

“I just posted a $24,000 eighty-six page Medicaid EOB in less than 10 minutes!!”

* Online Sales Only

** During the demonstration period.

Download AutoMedXP

After clicking on the appropriate link you will be prompted to run,  save, or cancel your download. We recommend that you select the SAVE button allowing you to have control over the folder the download is saved to.

If you have selected to save the information to your local hard drive, please give the download time to complete. Download times will vary depending on your Internet connection and traffic at our Web site.




If you experience difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us at

 (205)755-1010x300   or

We use TeamViewer to connect remotely. Check out our links page for this and other useful links.


AutoMedXP Downloads


Version 3.1.1




Version 3.0




Version 3.0]



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